I hate being in love.
I fear too much time has passed
since our last encounter and my skin
is craving your touch and my eyes
are searching for your smile and my lips
are anticipating a kiss that has been
long overdue and I hope that the world
will shift in my favor so that I can see you soon. I have been waiting my whole life for you (via ink-trails)

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I can’t do this.

I thought we’d last but I guess not. I just really love you and I miss you. Please come back…

For the longest time I believed I was never good enough for and now I’ve finally realized, it was you who was never good enough for me.

Never settle for less than you deserve.

You need someone who goes out of their way to make it obvious that they want you in their life.

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Anyone? No? Okay.

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"you shouldn’t be depressed, people have it worse than you"

finally, after years of searching, the person with the worst life ever is found. formally, they are granted permission to be sad. but only them. only they have earned it. no sads for anyone else at all ever

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forever awkward.